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Kernersville, NC


Pediatric Physical Therapy in Kernersville, NC

Is your child experiencing ongoing pain? Persistent pain is tough enough for adults, but children often have an even more difficult time coping with extreme discomfort. And children are often limited when it comes to pain medications, making it even more difficult to get the relief they need and deserve. If your child is in need of physical therapy, our team is here to help.

The Care Your Child Deserves

At Kernersville Physical Therapist Specialists, LLC, our team of physical therapists in Kernersville, NC is dedicated to helping children heal. We understand that working with children requires a unique approach, and we strive to provide treatment in a warm, non-threatening environment.

If you're in need of pediatric physical therapy services for your child, don't hesitate to seek help. Call now for more information or to schedule an appointment.